There’s other fish in the sea. But they’re not like Sam Rust.

We are a family-owned wholesale seafood supplier located in Hampton, Virginia. For over eight decades, we’ve provided the highest quality fresh and frozen seafood up and down the East Coast, and we’re not slowing down.

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Learn more about our history as one of the oldest family-owned seafood suppliers on the East Coast.

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We’re hiring! Learn, grow, be challenged, and become part of the amazing team at Sam Rust.

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We care about the relationships we build with our customers and with our employees. We’re here to listen, and we’re here to help.

Every Sam Rust team member is passionate and educated about the ever-changing seafood industry. We do what we do because seafood has and will always be a major part of who we are, and we truly enjoy serving our community.

With over eighty years of experience in the industry, and the Sam Rust baton being passed down from generation to generation, our knowledge is ever-expanding, but our values have remained the same: family, hard work, and dedication.

Sustainability & Sourcing

Sustainability & Sourcing

We understand that our actions today have consequences tomorrow. This knowledge shapes our day-to-day decisions and the long-term vision for our company. For decades, Sam Rust has been proud to source from sustainable, eco-conscious vendors locally and around the world who care just as much about the future of our industry as we do.