The hospitality industry is about more than just a great room — it’s about providing your guests with an experience they won’t forget. Fine dining is always worth remembering, and what says fine dining better than fresh seafood?

Experience Seafood Excellence

Sam Rust partners with hotel restaurants throughout the Mid-Atlantic to help provide their guests with an incredible dining experience. From local and sustainably sourced fin fish and shellfish, to delicious specialty meats, Sam Rust has a diverse selection of top-of-the-line fresh and frozen products to pick from.

As a local seafood supplier, we focus on creating long-standing customer relationships through delivering consistent, high quality seafood day in and day out. Our customers continue to work with us not only because we provide high-quality products, but because of our commitment to their success. When you partner with Sam Rust, we become an extension of your team — always going the extra mile.

Sustainability & Sourcing

Sustainability & Sourcing

We understand that our actions today have consequences tomorrow. This knowledge shapes our day-to-day decisions and the long-term vision for our company. For decades, Sam Rust has been proud to source from sustainable, eco-conscious vendors locally and around the world who care just as much about the future of our industry as we do.