Memorial Day Update

We are closed on Monday, May 27th, and we will NOT be running deliveries! We will return to our normal business operations Tuesday, May 28th.

Happy Memorial Day from the Sam Rust Seafood family!

Ozone Water Sanitation System

Ozone water sanitation is the most powerful oxidizer and organic disinfectant that can be safely used for the control of microbes, including mold, bacteria, viruses, and cysts. Sam Rust Seafood utilizes this 100% organic way to clean, sanitize, and replace chemical-based methods.

We have integrated a state-of-the-art ozone water sanitation system throughout our facility, specifically in our receiving and processing rooms. This sanitation method helps extend the shelf life of fresh products and is much safer for employees compared to conventional chemical sanitation.

Additional information about Sam Rust’s ozone water sanitation system:

• 51% more powerful at killing bacteria than chlorine

• Kills bacteria 3,100 times faster than chlorine

• Virtually eliminates harsh chemical use in plant

• No toxic byproducts

• FDA and USDA approved for direct food contact – EPA regulated

• Eliminates use of hot water and conventional sanitizers

• Environmentally friendly — the only byproduct is oxygen

• Very inexpensive to produce

• Permits recycling of waste water

• 70% reduction in cross-contamination

• Generated onsite — eliminates hazardous material transportation and storage

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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

In addition to complying with strict local and federal regulations, Sam Rust takes it a step further with a self-imposed set of standards that must be met. Our employees receive specialized training on each product to ensure our seafood is checked for quality every step of the way.