Condiments, Spices, Extras

We carry a variety of specialty condiments and dry goods that complement your meal — surf or turf.  

Sam Rust carries a variety of specialty condiments and dry goods that will help take any dish to the next level. We provide consumer-favorite condiments, spices and more from respected brands like Anson Mills, House Autry, J.O. Spice, Old Bay, and Golden Dip.

Additionally, our Champion Cocktail Sauce and Champion Horseradish are age-old family recipes that are favorites throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. All our Champion brand sauces are prepared fresh with the finest ingredients. Ask your account manager for a sample!

Anson Mills
Benne Seeds
Carolina Gold Rice
China Black Rice
China Black Rice Flour
Coarse White Cornmeal
Farro Piccolo
Native Course Blue Corn Grits
Red Grits
Sea Island Red Peas
Slow Roasted Polenta
Stone Cut Toasted Oats
White Grits
White Heirloom Popcorn
Yellow Grits
Yellow Heirloom Popcorn
Champion Sauces (SRS Brand)
Champion Cocktail Sauce
Champion Horseradish
Golden Dipt
All-Purpose Batter Mix
All-Purpose Breading Mix
Beer Batter Mix
Cajun Style Marinade
Cajun Style Mix
Cracker Meal
Extra Hot Cocktail Sauce
Fat Free Lemon Butter Dill Sauce
Fish & Chip Batter Mix
Fish Fry Mix
Hush Puppy Mix
Lemon Butter Dill Marinade
Lemon Herb Marinade
Scampi Marinade
Seafood Cocktail Sauce
Seafood Frying Mix
Shrimp & Crab Boil
Tartar Sauce
Tempura Batter Mix
House Autry
Extra Sweet Onion Hush Puppy
Medium Hot Breader Mix
Onion Hushpuppy Mix
Plain Hushpuppy Mix
Seafood Breader Mix
Seafood Breading Mix
J.O. Spice
#1 Shrimp Spice
#2 Crab Spice
Bay Country: All purpose
Blackend Seasoning
Cracker Meal
Cream of Crab Soup Mix
Fish & Shrimp Batter
Soft Crab Batter
Kermit’s Key Lime Pie
Chocolate Dipped Key Lime On A Stick
Whole Key Lime Pie
Old Bay
Crab Cake Classic (Bulk)
Crab Cake Classic (Packets)
Old Bay 1 lb Cans
Old Bay 1.75oz Blackening
Old Bay 2.25oz Garlic Herb
Old Bay 2.37oz Lemon Herb
Old Bay 2.62oz Shaker Bottle
Old Bay 30%less Sodium
Old Bay 50 lb Box
Old Bay 6 oz Cans
Old Bay 7.5 lb Bottle
Old Bay Cocktail Sauce
Old Bay Tartar Sauce
Seasoning (Display Pack)
Quotation Mark

Often I’ll talk with my account manager at Sam Rust and they’ll come up with a product that I didn’t know about or you don’t see in the market – which helps keep my menu exciting.

Steve Gellas Head Chef - Off The Hook