Fin Fish

Sam Rust knows the ins and outs of fin fish. If you want it — we’ve got it.

A staple when it comes to center-of-the-plate, fin fish offers so much variety within its category that you can be sure you’ll find the perfect fish to complement your menu, and we’re here to help.

Sam Rust supplies all types of fin fish – from the local favorites such as rockfish and flounder, to international specialties like gilt-headed bream and bronzini.

We source sustainable fish locally, including the Chesapeake Bay and James River, and from all over the world, from Maine to Florida’s Atlantic Coast, and the Caribbean to the Mediterranean Sea — just to name a few. With how quickly the seafood industry changes, our purchasing team is always vetting new products to supply to our customers.

Our team of cutting experts can cut your fish any way you’d like, including specialty cuts. If you prefer your fish whole, we can scale and gut at your request.

However you want your fish, Sam Rust is here to make it happen. We are proud to serve our customers with local and international, fresh and frozen fin fish that aim to exceed expectations.

Quotation Mark

Often I’ll talk with my account manager at Sam Rust and they’ll come up with a product that I didn’t know about or you don’t see in the market – which helps keep my menu exciting.

Steve Gellas Head Chef - Off The Hook