Fresh Fish Forecast – 8/9/19
  • August is National Catfish Month! We have great local, wild caught and farm-raised catfish options available here at SRS. Chat with your account rep to learn more!
  • Halibut prices have started to edge up, but quality remains great on these big East Coast fish.
  • Swordfish supplies have dipped this week, but availability should be getting better soon which will drive down the price.
  • Corvina supply has been very stable and quality has been outstanding.
  • Cobia supply is improving and we should have good availability in August. Prices are very sharp.
  • Flounders are mostly hook and line caught, and mostly medium sized fish, with some larges mixed in. Chat with your account rep for up-to-date info on the flounder market.
  • Both Wild and Farm-Raised Salmon markets have been steady, with high quality sockeye’s still coming in at the lowest prices of the season. Farm-Raised Chilean, Scottish, and Canadian salmon supply’s look to remain steady for the near future.
  • Grouper supplies have been tough to predict, especially at a reasonable price point, but our purchasing team continues to find and source some really nice fish.
  • Mahi-Mahi prices have been all over the place, but we have secured a nice supply of fish coming out of the Caribbean at a sharp price. We should see some relief on price in a couple weeks.
Quotation Mark

Often I’ll talk with my account manager at Sam Rust and they’ll come up with a product that I didn’t know about or you don’t see in the market – which helps keep my menu exciting.

Steve Gellas Head Chef - Off The Hook