Fresh Fish Forecast 5/30/19

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  • First of the year Wild Copper River Sockeye Salmon has hit the deck here at Sam Rust, and we’ll be bringing in more over the next few weeks as prices start to fall. Great quality on these early season fish.
  • Flounder quotas have been cut substantially – northern boats are on a 50 lb. limit. Supply will be hit & miss.
  • Halibut – catch has been getting more consistent, and price has stabilized. Should have a good supply here over the next month.
  • Golden & Grey Tilefish supply has been solid and quality has been great on these fish.
  • Fresh local crabmeat has tightened up recently with the decrease in catch – we are working hard to keep a consistent supply available.
  • Local softshell crabs will be limited the rest of the summer, as only small quantities will be available every 2-3 days. Chat with your account rep for the latest.
  • PEI mussels are coming into spawning season, so make sure to keep extra ice on these mussels during this time of year as a precaution.
Quotation Mark

Often I’ll talk with my account manager at Sam Rust and they’ll come up with a product that I didn’t know about or you don’t see in the market – which helps keep my menu exciting.

Steve Gellas Head Chef - Off The Hook