Our extensive product lines include a wide variety of quality live, fresh and frozen seafood and seafood related condiments.


  • Sourcing fresh fish from domestic and international waters around the globe.
  • Sourcing from around the globe allows Sam Rust Seafood to offer fresh fish throughout the year. Wild and farm raised salmon, tuna, mahi-mahi, grouper, snapper, flounder, striped bass, halibut, wahoo, cobia as well as a wide variety of other species. We also carry farm raised catfish, tilapia and rainbow trout.
  • A wide variety both fresh and frozen fish are available whole, filleted and portioned, as well as custom cuts from our carefully supervised processing facility.


  • Sam Rust Seafood offers a wide variety of live and frozen shellfish from around the world.
  • This includes many varieties of shell oysters from the Gulf coast, East Coast and Canada. Clams, both wild and farm raised, mussels from Maine and Prince Edward Island.
  • Live, fresh, and frozen scallops from the United States and Canada.
  • Same day delivery of live lobsters from our own in-house saltwater holding system.
  • Live lobsters and frozen warm water and cold water lobster tails. Lobster meat and lobster bodies and claws.
  • Live and frozen crawfish and fresh Florida stone crab claws when available.
  • The freshest Chesapeake Bay crabmeat and also the finest imported pasteurized crabmeat available.
  • “Fresh?Wild Caught East Coast White shrimp to Frozen Wild Caught Gulf coast Shrimp to Farm Raised Black Tigers and South American Pond Raised.
  • Snow crab from Alaska and Canada. King crab from Alaska and Russia. Also, Dungeness crab from USA and Canada.
  • Local live softshell crabs in season and frozen dressed available year round.


  • Full line of Old Bay seasonings
  • Full line of J.O. Spices and breaders
  • Full line of Golden Dipt breaders, batters and marinades
  • “Champion Brand?Sam Rust Seafood own homemade line of fresh premium cocktail sauce, tartar sauce, and horseradish.  CHAMPION INFO SHEET
  • Full line of House Autry Mills brand products
  • Crystal Brand hot sauce
  • Cooking oil and Heinz ketchup

Sam Rust Seafood Brands

  • Cap'n Sam's freshly shucked oysters and clams in a variety of retail jar sizes.
  • Cap'n Sam's custom packed clam strips
  • Champion Brand cocktail sauce, tartar sauce and horseradish.